Environmental Performance

In 2010, our environmental efforts focused on ecoefficiency actions and initiatives to encourage our audiences to adopt habits that help protect the environment. Our main such project was building our new headquarters, which was focused, among other things, on reducing our environmental impact, from the choice of engineering designers to the selection of recycled and / or certified materials.

This change allowed us to redesign our waste sorting process and required comprehensive communications efforts to spread the word and encourage our employees to adopt new habits related to our organization, consumer awareness, and recycling, which involved specific signs, communications, and training sessions for our cleaning staff.

A survey we conducted after our relocation showed that 81.4% of our employees were satisfied with the ecoefficient practices we adopted and the outcome of these efforts can already be counted: while at our former headquarters we only recycled 10% of our waste, this percentage exceeds 60% at our new head office.

Waste Disposal

All recycled materials are sorted and sent to specialist companies while organic waste goes to the Pedreira landfill in the city of Guarulhos (São Paulo State, Brazil).

The following table shows the total amount of waste we collected in 2010:

Type of Waste Weight (Metric Tons) Recycling
Paper & Cardboard 2.43 yes
Plastic 12.65 yes
Metal 0.19 yes
Glass 0.02 yes
Organic Waste 57.98 no

This information refers to our headquarters only and does not encompass the consumption of our office at the CEA Bulding, a Portuguese acronym for Steel Corporate Center, where part of our call center is based.

Greenhouse Effect

In 2010, we made an inventory of our greenhouse gas emissions for 2007, 2008, and 2009. Our total emissions added up to 1,325.26 tons, which were distributed as follows:

Emissions tCO2e
Source 2007 2008 2009
Escope 1
Generators 12.96 15.75 18.31
Corporate Fleet 1.91 2.25 2.47
Escope 2
Electricity 56.08 57.70 67.55
Escope 3
Air Travel 271.75 370.70 298.80
Generation of Waste - - 49.00
GRAND TOTAL 442.70 446.43 436.13

This survey was supported by a specialized consulting firm and used the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol corporate standard. Our inventory considers our emissions from the two buildings where we are based – our headquarters and the CEA, which are both located in São Paulo - and encompasses our direct and indirect (air travel) emissions.

To offset the emissions that we measured for these years, we chose forest protection and became responsible for around 14 acres of native forests in the Brazilian city of Barra do Turvo (São Paulo State).

We also established a greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan (to be completed in 2011), which must show how we will offset our emissions for the next five years.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

We renewed our support for the Carbon Disclosure Project, a nongovernmental organization that seeks to promote a dialog between investors and corporations, and encourage the collection of data on the sustainability practices of big corporations worldwide.